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iwt_dates2.pngThe People's Tribunal on the Iraq War was the first grassroots tribunal to be streamed live online on December 1 & 2, 2016 from Washington D.C. It was also the first tribunal in which people could testify remotely from anywhere in the world, through pre-recorded video or live through Skype. After 14 years of costly war based on lies, the project formed to uplift truth, accountability, and to offer a space for healing for the peace movement. The People's Tribunal on the Iraq War is an effort to unify the global anti-war/peace movements with other justice movements by uplifting testimonies of the costs of this war—and war itself. The Tribunal brings the lies that created the war on Iraq into public awareness, and at the time, demanded Obama act on them. It is a tool that was created to inspire the anti-war movement before the inauguration of the administration in 2017. It is an educational tool that all groups can use to build, inspire, and empower their organizations and communities to advocate for peace, an end to war, & demilitarization. 

You can join this historic event in several ways!