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Testimony on the Costs by Patricia Foulkrod

Patricia Foulkrod produced and directed The Ground Truth, a feature documentary distributed by Focus Features in 2006. It was short-listed for an Oscar nomination and focuses on our soldiers returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Most recently, she coordinated the grassroots outreach effort for Paul Haggis’ feature film, IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH.

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Iraqi Tribunal:Ending the Lie By: Patricia Folkrod
Some of the things I wish there was accountability for-
What Blackwater spent and are still spending - programs they initiated for the Iraqi people in the name of helping the country that were inflated and often nonexistent. Billions they said they spent on rebuilding or aiding contracts that were bogus.  I heard these accounts first hand - They would build a playground for $5,000 and bill the gov. $50,000. A  breakdown of some of the money spent from all those additional funding measures deep into the war and how it was used.  Money that was promised to Iraqis for wrongful deaths - what was amount and who got it if anyone.
Which states made the most money from us being in Iraq.
All the things we left behind - the poison, land mines, garbage, the ruins we left,no
payments for our war crimes, drone bombings, illegal arrests, destroying houses after
hundreds and thousands of house invasions.
The stop loss which added years and years to soldiers time which ruined many marriages and lives
I'm curious if anyone is still serving because of that stop loss law.
The lack of proper helmets for hundreds of thousands of soldiers that we now know contributed to TBI injuries. The unwillingness for the gov to approve giving MRIs to everyone returning until there were thousands of TBIs that led to deaths and severe illness.
The betrayal of Iraqi translators who were promised passage out of Iraq.
The massive amounts of poison left behind from our weapons particularly in cities like Falluja.
The homicides and suicides as a result of requiring that all military take lariam in large quantities only to then kill their wives/girlfriends and then kill themselves. The military stopped giving it out very late in the game.  It is used for malaria but there are no mosquitoes in Iraq.
The veteran who talks about wanting to kill himself every day - but is still here.