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Iraq War Tribunal: Press Room

Day Two of Iraq Tribunal to Focus on the Costs of the Iraq War, at Home and Abroad, CODEPINK Media Advisory

Day One of Iraq Tribunal to Focus on Lies that Led to War, Create Roadblock to Future Wars Under Trump, CODEPINK Media Advisory

bushpic_590.jpg Why It's Vital to hold George W. Bush accountable for War Crimes as Trump is Inaugurated  Stacy Bannerman/January 12, 2017/Truthdig
A Detailed History (Pt. 3/4) Richard Behan/January 18 2017/LA Progressive 


iraqi-oil-field-450.jpg Yes It Was Blood for Oil (Pt. 2) CODEPINK Nails the Truth about Bush's Wars Richard Behan/January 4, 2017/LA Progressive

 20030203_400.jpg  George W. Bush’s Criminal Wars of Aggression: a Detailed History (Pt.1)  Richard Behan/December 15, 2016/CounterPunch


 Remembering the Costs of the Iraq War in the Age of Trump  Phyllis Bennis/ January 5, 2017/ The Nation

Stacy Bannerman/January 2, 2017/Salon/Alternet
Violence in the Name of Security: When will the U.S. Admit to Fueling Terror?  Vijay Prashad/December 31, 2016/ The Citizen/Alternet  


 peopleofcolor.jpg  We Need a New Kind of AntiWar Movement  Rachel Gilmer/December 13, 2016/Alternet

 War based on deception: Bush’s Iraq lies, uncontested, will haunt us under Donald Trump  Medea Benjamin/December 2, 2016/Salon

Bush's Iraq Lies, Uncontested, Will Haunt Us Under Trump Medea Benjamin/December 2, 2016/Truth Out

 anti-war-demonstration-san-francisco-1969-archival-photo-poster.jpg  People's Tribunal on the Iraq War Unifies Peace Movements
The December meeting to unify global antiwar movements was organized by CodePink.
Jodie Evans /December 2, 2016/ The Real News Network 
 obama-iraq-war-syria-isis-722x480.jpg An Open Letter to Obama from an Iraq War Spouse
Before he leaves office, Obama should set up a truth commission on the Iraq War.
Stacy Bannerman/December 1, 2016/Foreign Policy in Focus 

The Iraq War Was a Huge Ethical Leap Backwards
From the Big Lie to torture and sectarian violence, the U.S. and the Middle East are still paying the price for our moral perversions in Iraq. Michael Lerner/December 1, 2016/Foreign Policy in Focus 

 12745495_1512252812414037_6557221289447989380_n.jpg  Bush’s Iraq Lies, Uncontested, Will Haunt Us Under Trump
Reminder: Iraq posed absolutely no threat to the United States.
Medea Benjamin/December 1, 2016/Alternet

 CIA Analyst to Iraq Tribunal: Wolfowitz Pushed Multiple Investigations of “Pure Fiction” 
The allegations that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction are lies.

Elizabeth Murray/December 1, 2016/AlterNet 




About That Iraq Promise, Mr. President

Stacy Bannerman: The Iraq War mistake forced my now ex-husband to serve two year-long tours in Iraq. His severe post-combat trauma led to a crystal meth addiction that cost me my home, my job, and everything I loved. Stacy Bannerman/LA Progressive 



 CymQA5MXEAAMKzd.jpg People's Tribunal on the Iraq War Set to Open Thursday  December 1, 2016
 maxresdefault.jpg  Day One of Iraq Tribunal to Focus on Lies that Led to War, Create Roadblock to Future Wars Under Trump, CODEPINK MEDIA ADVISORY 
 url-1.jpg   Tribunal to Expose Lies and Costs of Iraq War Post-Election, Serve as Roadblock to Trump Wars, CODEPINK PRESS RELEASE



Rising Up With Sonali' Interview with CODEPINK's Jodie Evans November 29, 2016   

 BUSH-WAR-CRIMES-105338855954_xlarge.jpeg  Finally, a US tribunal on the Iraq War! Phillip Weiss/November 29,2016/ Mondoweiss 



The People's Tribunal on the Iraq War with Sam Koplinka-Loehr and Elizabeth Murray - Podcast, November 28, 2016
 imgres-2.jpg  Vet Family Supporter Testifies Against the Iraq War  November 28, 2016/

 Jodie Evans, Code Pink Co-founder, on The Iraq Tribunal,

November 2, 2016/OpEd News Podcast


 What the Anti-War Movement Can Learn from the Black Radical Tradition,

Ciara Taylor/November 1st, 2016/The RealNews Network

 2071607818_b2dfd043a3_z.jpg   'He Carried the Ghosts of the Casualties of War': The Terrible Pain After You Come Home
"I kept waiting for him to come home, and when he finally did, he wasn't alone."
Stacy Bannerman/October 30, 2016/Alternet 

We Must Tell the Truth About the Iraq War,

Jodie Evans/October 30th, 2016/TruthDig


Testimony to the US Tribunal on Iraq by Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguiret,

October 30, 2016/AlterNet


Now More Than Ever, We Must Tell the Truth About the Iraq War,

Jodie Evans/October 28, 2016/AlterNet



People's Tribunal to Examine Legacy of Iraq War,  

October 27, 2016/The RealNews Network



 image_69.jpg  What the Black Radical Tradition Can Teach Us About Rebuilding the Antiwar Movement, Ciara Taylor/October 17, 2016/Alternet


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