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Testimony on the Costs by Karen Malpede

Karen Malpede is a director and author of 17 plays, plus shorter drama, fiction and essays. Known for her unflagging commitment to social justice, she blogs on climate change and art for The Kenyon Review, on Brooklyn and gentrification for The Brooklyn Reader and is a contributor to the international human rights Torture Magazine. She co-founded Theater Three Collaborative with George Bartenieff and the late Lee Nagrin. She is the editor of Acts of War: Iraq & Afghanistan in Seven Plays, for which she also wrote the introduction.

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A talk Noam Chomsky gave after a performance of my Karen's play, Prophecy. She introduces him and gives a brief statement.


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“Experience the Difference: The American Anti-Torture Play Another Life Goes to London,” TCG Circle, July, 2013. http://www.tcgcircle/2013/07/experience-the-difference


“Another Life and the Truth about Torture,” Feb, 24, 2013,


American Malpede Imagines a Better World in ‘The Beekeeper’s Daughter’ 


Acts of War: Iraq & Afghanistan in Seven Plays, available on Amazon