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Testimony on the Lies by Viggo Mortensen

Mortensen became well known for his role as the brave warrior Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003), and later films include Hidalgo (2004) and A History of Violence (2005) directed by David Cronenberg. He reunited with Cronenberg on the Russian organized crime drama, Eastern Promises (2007). Starring opposite Naomi Watts, Mortensen has attracted a lot of critical attention for his work on the film, winning a British Independent Film award for Best Actor and garnering an Academy Award nomination in the same category. Mortensen collaborated with Cronenberg for a third time in the film A Dangerous Method in 2011. For the next few years the actor took time out to focus on other projects he was passionate about, briefly returning to theatre, as well as launching his own publishing press, through which he published many of his personal works of literature, poetry, and photography. He is also an accomplished painter.

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Twilight of Empire

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