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Testimony on the Cost by Phyllis Bennis

Phyllis Bennis (born January 19, 1951) is an American writer, activist, and political commentator. Focusing mainly on issues related to the Middle East and the United Nations. She is a strong critic of Israel and the United States and a leading advocate of Palestinian rights. In 2001 she helped found and remains active with the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. She directs the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies. She is also a fellow of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. She has served as an informal adviser to several top UN officials on Middle East and UN democratization issues. Phyllis has written and edited eleven books. Among them are her new Understanding ISIS & the New Global War on Terror: A Primer, the 6th updated edition of her popular Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, as well as Before & After: US Foreign Policy and the War on Terror and Challenging Empire: How People, Governments and the UN Defy U.S. Power.

Additional Rsources: 

Understanding ISIS and the New Global War on Terror: A Primer By Phyllis Bennis 2015

Phyllis Bennis: ISIS Is Filling The Holes Left By The US War On Terror- September 12, 2015

Ending the Iraq War: A Primer By Phyllis Bennis 2008

The Cost of War with Iraq  July 5, 2004 

Sanctions on Iraq: Talk by Denis Halliday and Phyllis Bennis Halliday and Bennis spoke about the devastating effects of the sanctions on Iraq in Denver, Colorado on February 19, 1999.

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