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Testimony on the Costs by Paula Kahn

Paula Graciela Kahn is a Jewtina- a Jewish Latina, who feels indebted to her ancestors, victims on both sides to genocide, to commit to a world without war and crimes against humanity. She was trained in grassroots organizing at age sixteen by leaders of the Black Lives Matter Movement and directors of the Los Angeles Dignity and Power organization. She was active in the 2011 Occupy movement and organized with other student leaders at UC Berkeley during her undergrad. She lived in a student housing cooperative called Casa Zimbabwe, where she innovated and implemented consent and anti-oppression education in university student housing units that have been implemented in Greek life housing now. At  Casa Zimbabwe, she had the responsibility of facilitating weekly decision-making meetings, as well as mediating conflict. She started a pen-pal program with the organization CIVIC to connect migrants in detention with pen-pals. She was a Digital Organizer Fellow for Courage Campaign and is one of the producers of the Iraq Tribunal. For now, she hopes to learn Arabic and later pursue an education and practice in PTSD- visual art, sound, and somatic therapy. She dreams of creating creative transformational spaces for survivors of war, poverty, police brutality, forced migration, and those who struggle with mental health. Paula is one of the Iraq War Tribunal Producers at CODEPINK.

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