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Testimony on the Lies by Luis Roberto Bolaños

Luis Roberto Zamora Bolaños is a Costa Rican trial lawyer. He has litigated in promoting the Right to Peace, achieving constitutional recognition in 2008. Prior to that, he successfully went to the Supreme Court to force his country to withdraw the support given to the coalition invasion of Iraq. Since 2005 he has participated in forums and conferences in promoting the Right to Peace.

Additional Resources: 

Suing for Peace in Costa Rica- Foreign Policy in Focus, originally published by CODEPINK Written By Medea Benjamin May 8th, 2014

The Lowest Form of Military Aggression- Institute for Policy Studies Written By" Luis Roberto Bolaños  August 20, 2010 

Costa Rica as a Peaceful State: One Costa Rican Lawyer’s Odyssey v. His Nation’s Establishment- March 19, 2010 

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