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Testimonies on the Lies by Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn is a British politician, currently the Leader of the British Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition. Elected to a local London council at the age of 25, he soon after began working for the National Union of Public Employees. He was elected to British Parliament in the 1983 general election for the Labour seat of Islington North, close to central London. In mid 2015, Corbyn was elected Leader for the British Labour Party. He has been active in campaigns for the United Kingdom to give up its nuclear weapons and to renationalize its railways. A staunch opponent of the Iraq War, being one of 12 MPs in 2006 to back a call for an inquiry into the invasion. A consistent opponent of the Middle East policies supported by successive U.S. and Israeli governments. Ideologically, he identifies as a democratic socialist.


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