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With the new presidential term upon us, NOW is the crucial time to show our leaders and the rest of the world that the governed people of the United States do not tolerate impunity. We have an opportunity to shift the world into different lines of communication, which don't involve the horrors of war. A Commission on Truth and Accountability, as led by the governed people is a means to this. We must show the world how detrimental violence has been in shaping safety in the 21st century and the desperate need for non-violent approaches to foreign policy. By being an endorser for the Tribunal of the Iraq War, you are exercising your civic right to demand truth and accountability for the war you did not sign yourself or your country up for, but were rather coerced into. You are exercising your civic right to demand justice by the governing body. You are vocalizing your demand for an alternative to war in the future. You are affirming that you will never be forced into a war based on lies ever again! You are setting a standard for yourself and the generations to come after us. Truth and Accountability for the Invasion of Iraq and the Iraq War matters. If we reach 250,000 signatures on the .gov petition, President Obama has an obligation to address the demand. Let's surpass 250,000 signatures to show President Obama how serious we take #TheLies and #TheCosts of the Iraq War!

I wish to participate in The People’s Tribunal on the Iraq War by being an endorser: I will sign a petition to call on President Obama to create a Commission on Truth & Accountability for the Iraq War.