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Testimony on the Cost by Angela Peoples

Director of Get Equal, Angela Peoples joined GetEQUAL in September 2014. She got her start as a progressive advocate in 2007, building student power and fighting for college access and affordability with the United States Students Association. In 2010 she joined the team at Generation Progress to help run policy and advocacy campaigns around issue like the DREAM Act, affordable healthcare, and student loan reform. Angela has spent the last three years working to improve consumer protection laws for student loan borrowers and young consumers at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She also served as co-chair of the Generational Alliance Leadership team from 2012-2014 and on the Executive Committee of the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club. As President of the Stein Democrats, Angela has focused on increasing club membership and cultivating a more transparent and inclusive culture within the organization. She is a graduate of Western Michigan University, where she studied Political Science and Africana Studies.

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